Saigon Cube is an incubator that invests in and operates multiple interconnected businesses across manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, wholesale & export. We are not a private equity fund, but a group of passionate entrepreneurs and builders who provide expertise and resources to scale and shape the future of our subsidiary companies. We focus strongly on building great products and people because we believe these two factors are keys to our success.

Our goal is to create a cooperative ecosystem of organizations that can support one another by leveraging the power of shared resources and cumulative experiences. We are always looking to implement new business ideas and acquire promising start-ups to expand our network and ultimately bring more amazing products to the world.

Our Brands

Unique Stationary

3XU is a stationery brand that specializes in creating truly unique and fun handmade products. Our first product line - the "matchbox-card" - has created a widespread sensation among craft lovers around the world due to the original concept, and the joy it brings to whoever opens it. We are continually introducing one-of-a-kind, high quality handmade stationery products that embody the spirit of our brand.

Our work seeks to reinvent conventional craft through the integration of modern technology into our process while still preserving the timeless beauty of traditional craftsmanship. This approach gives us the possibility to create innovative products that were not available previously and that amaze customers through the highest level detail and care.​

Wooden Smart Organizer

Everboards is everything you are looking for when it comes to smart organizers. A simple wooden board with built-in magnet that comes with a variety of wooden magnetic accessories, Everboard gives you the delightful experience of customizing your own organizing board the suits your specific needs at any given time. The best thing about this board is that it is well built, fully functional without compromising on design or convenience. It can be used as a display board, a storage box, a shelf all in one and is indeed a great addition to your living and work space.

Customize Site for fashion and lifestyle

Unique customizable clothes, accessories and home accents. Think monogrammed passport holders and clutches, customized phone cases and slogan T-shirts.

The Craft House is a craft and gift retailer offering a curated selection of distinctive gifts, stationery, souvenirs, personalized accessories and home decor. Our products are carefully sourced from selected brands based in Vietnam, namely Tick & Pick. 3XU, Bisu Bisu, Everboards.

Photo Printing & Lifestyle

Launched in 2014, Woodpost is the first app ever to let you print photos on wood beautifully and easily, then get it shipped to your house from anywhere in the world.

We wanted to share with everyone that special feeling of holding your photos in your hand, in the form of a unique, imperfect, and beautiful wooden products. In addition to custom printed products, we also provide a diverse collection of high quality, curated wooden lifestyle and home living products.

Tourist Souvenir

Tick and Pick is a modern design brand that has established itself as one of the market leaders in Vietnam's souvenirs and novelty gift items. We work in partnership with airports, bookstores, skyscrapers, hotels, providing high service standards and good quality Vietnam souvenirs, gifts and mementos to tourists, locals and corporate clients.

We are a diverse team of young local creatives coming from different backgrounds yet all share a strong passion for design and appreciation for quality craftsmanship. Our vision is to create indigenous souvenirs and gifts that help you preserve the best memories of your travel experiences as well as share them your with your friends and loved ones

Luxurious Furniture

Looxury is an online furniture brand that serves the Vietnamese market. We offer a selection of niche items ranging from Poker tables to French antique style chairs and tables. Our primary focus lies on the quality and design of each product we supply. On the other hand, we strive to keep the price affordable for people who are seeking to build a new home. (Need more description)

Cake Decorations

Established in 1999, Craftimex specializes in manufacturing and exporting sugar figurines and cake decorations such as jelly, 2D & 3D sugar decor, and gum paste flowers. Our clients are world's leading bakery store chains, distributors and supermarkets based in EU, Asia and North America.

Since 2016, we started expanding our footprint into the retail and online markets by adding smaller quantity packages that suits the needs of individual buyers and small businesses.

Amazon and Etsy marketplace

Established in 2011, we are an experienced online retail team based in Vietnam that supplies a variety of products through leading e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy. We offer a wide-range of product lines, namely phones cases, T-shirts, leather goods, and home decor. In particular, we have the capability to provide customized printing, engraving and embroidery service upon customers request. Our fulfillment solutions include FBA as well as direct shipment from Vietnam to end customers anywhere in the world.


Founded in 2016, CBS Viet Nam Co., Ltd quickly became an expert in the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of high quality gift products and accessories. In particular, our state-of-the-art technology gives us the capability to provide made-to-order products, customization services and fulfillment solutions to meet our clients most challenging needs. Our goal is to create flexible, risk-free, and high margin opportunities for businesses and startups that wish to sell custom gift products worldwide.

Our team strives to go above and beyond the ordinary course of business. We are attentive, down-to-earth, and always happy to work with you to help you grow and improve your business. We love sharing ideas, best practices, and working towards getting the best results for our partners.

Customized Fashion

A platform for you to design and print works of art that embody your unique points of view, display your quirky sense of humor, flaunt your style, tell your stories, and realize your imagination.You can print on a wide range of products, including tote bags, T-shirts, pillowcases, iPhone cases, and cute little magnets

Wedding Favors & accessories

Our mission is to offer customizable and high quality wedding favors and supplies for your most special day. We strive daily to design one-of-a-kind wedding invitations that you can print yourself, customizable clothing and accessories for the bride and her team, and create unique wedding favors for you.